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Get to know the latest image formats and when to use them.

1. WebP — An exciting alternative for JPEG and PNG

CI/CD Pipeline with GitOps Technique |Dockerizing a React Application

Learn how to deploy a React application in Minikube.


  1. Docker installation.
  2. Minikube for Kubernetes Cluster: You can use any cloud platform which provides a Kubernetes Cluster.
  3. Kubectl (Kubernetes command-line tool): used to run commands against Kubernetes clusters.
  4. React application: If…

CI/CD Pipeline using GitOps Technique

Learn how to Dockerize a React Application with multi-stage Docker build using Node and NGINX.

Lifesaver Docker shows up

JavaScript API to Recognize Humans vs Bots in Chrome

Annoyed with the repetition of the Captcha challenge for each site you visit? Learn how to bypass Captcha challenges with Privacy Pass in Chrome or Firefox

CAPTCHA — Completely Automated Public Turing-test to tell Computers and Humans Apart

Iframes with React: Best Practices

A browser standard to distinguish bots from real humans, respecting their privacy for public websites

Privacy Pass: An Attempt on Right Direction

So what if there is a way to bypass CAPTCHA?

Spring Boot with MySQL / Spring Boot with CloudSQL

Learn how to set up a CI/CD pipeline for your frequent development code changes with Git Repository in Google Cloud.

“Cloud Build named a leader for Cloud-Native Continuous Integration in The Forrester Wave

Learn how to configure Cloud SQL MySQL Database in Java Spring Boot RESTful application.


  1. Create CloudSQL instance and an MYSQL Database in Cloud SQL
  2. Configure Spring Boot RESTful app with Cloud SQL


  1. IDE(Eclipse or IntelliJ)
  2. JDK 1.8+
  3. Google Cloud Account


  1. Java
  2. spring-boot-starter-parent
  3. spring-boot-starter-web
  4. spring-boot-starter-data-jpa
  5. mysql-connector-java
  6. spring-cloud-gcp-starter
  7. spring-cloud-gcp-starter-sql-mysql


  1. spring-boot-maven-plugin
  2. maven-dependency-plugin

1.Create an MYSQL Database in Cloud SQL

  • Go to GCloud Console and select the project from the dropdown menu. …

Learn how to use Iframes with React following the best practices for Security and Performance

Photo by Chance Anderson on Unsplash

When looking at the history, an “Inline frame” called Iframe was introduced in 1997 with HTML 4.01 by Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Embed an Iframe in React

Photo by Taylor Vick on Unsplash



  • What is Data Warehouse
  • Why do we need Data Warehouse?
  • What are OLTP and OLAP?
  • What is ETL?
  • What is Data Mart?
  • Types of Data Mart
  • Why do we need Data Mart?
  • What is Metadata

What is a Data Warehouse?




  1. Create the Spring Boot Project from Spring Initializr
  2. Create MYSQL database and define Database configurations
  3. Create Entity model class
  4. Create JPA Data Repository
  5. Create Service class
  6. Create Rest Controllers class
  7. Build and Run the Project
  8. Testing using Postman

1.Create the Spring Boot Project from Spring Initializr

  • Create a REST…

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